Music + Tennis Summer Camp

NEW! concept of summer camp. Enjoy music and sport activity at the same place!


Evening Sessions for Adults

Our academy welcomes all the adult music lovers to enjoy private music lessons and join band sessions.


Programs Enrollment for Fall 2022

Key Garden, Ukesters, Note Hoppers, Shining Stars & more.


Our Classes and Programs

From private music lessons to group programs, we provide ample opportunities to help your child discover their inner musician.

Music + Tennis Summer Camp

5-day summer camp to enjoy music and tennis together. Musical activities include Ukulele Learning, Musical Theatre, Band Rehearsal, Songwriting, etc.

*This camp is available only at our Nashua location.

Age: 6-14

Enrollment Deadline: May 31

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Private Lessons

Private lessons ensure a steady musical progress in a more professional setting. We offer weekly private lessons for the following instruments: Piano, Guitar, Violin, Singing & Drum.

Age: 7+

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Group program structured around learning the Ukulele (small, 4-string guitar). Strum and sing your first songs and learn the basics of music!

Age: 7-9

Enrollment Open for Fall 2022

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Shining Stars

A combination class for little entertainers includes learning Disney songs, reading short original stories and acting characters from everyday life. Sing, Act and Move Around!

Age: 7-9

Enrollment Open for Fall 2022

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KEY Garden

Piano group class to introduce basics of piano. Thanks to Montessori system kids are learning to read music confidently in a short period of time.

Age: 6-8

Enrollment Open for Fall 2022

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Note Hoppers & Note Runners

2-Level music enrichment program for kids ages 2-6 to introduce basics of music through fun games and activities. Thanks to color-coded musical bells and instruments kids learn different songs super easily and play their first ensemble tunes.

Age: 2-6

Enrollment Open for Fall 2022

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200+ current students enrolled

About Virtuoso Kids Music Academy

In our academy located both in Nashua NH and Woburn MA, you will find outstanding performer-teachers who are ready to develop your kid(s) musical talent by implementing numerous games and fun activities along with their teaching expertise.

Thanks to this method, kids enjoy music and start playing songs from the very first lesson. We encourage our students to showcase their talent by organizing monthly/yearly recitals and various musical events. Join our great musical family to become the next Virtuoso!

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