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Choose from Piano, Guitar, Violin, Singing or Drums.

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Looking for quality and engaging music lessons?

Look no further!

We provide private music lessons to students who want to learn playing piano, violin/viola, guitar, drums or improve their vocal skills. The minimum age to enroll in private lessons is six. First, you’ll have an introductory/trial lesson with your assigned instructor to try out your instrument and get introduced to Virtuoso curriculum. Loved your trial lesson?

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Choose between 30, 45, and 60 minutes lesson plans and have fun learning. Virtuoso Kids unique curriculum is designed by music educators with more than 15 years of teaching experience. Our curriculum includes:

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Song Learning
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Musical Games/Activities
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Duo Playing with Teachers
Music note
Developing Compositional Skills
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Using Technologies (Apps)

Musical Calendar

Our students love to perform and showcase their talent during these 5 recitals organized throughout the year.

Each recital is a unique experience as students perform different types of music.

Musical calendar - back to classics
Musical calendar - jazzy time
Musical calendar - duet show
Musical calendar - ‘Christmas Magic’ concert
Musical calendar - movie night

Select instrument below to learn more:

Joyful Black and White Keys

Best instrument to start exploring music!

Playing the piano fuels children’s curiosity towards music as soon as they press down those three black keys and play their first song ever. Recognize the song? Yep, its “Hot Cross Buns”!

Playing the instrument is not as physically demanding as most of the other instruments, making learning process very enjoyable from the very first lesson. We provide comprehensive learning curriculum with the help of well-organized songbooks and additional learning materials such as musical games and apps. Join our piano class to see your little one shining on the stage!

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Amy Ren (10yo) - F. Chopin: Etude in F Minor, op.25 no.2
Martha Mier - "River City Blues" performance by Hunter
Aiendy playing Swing
Mona Rejino - Nocturne played by Sumitra
Lia singing Moon River
Happy Jazz Song
This Jazzy Day
Julia playing You've Got a Friend in Me

Violin & Viola Lessons

Queen of the Instruments in Your Hands

The sound of elegance!

Although the violin is considered one of the hardest instruments to master, learning the instrument at our academy has proven to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for our students. This is achieved by implementing a well-organized lesson structure and musical games. Learning the instrument opens up great opportunities for both solo and group performances such as your school’s orchestra.

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Josephine playing Silent Night
Austin playing Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Jaana playing Jingle Bells
Shayna's performance in Christmas Magic 2021 Recital
Maryann playing Holly Jolly Christmas

Guitar / Ukulele / Bass Lessons

Lifelong Friend to Carry Everywhere

Strum your heart out!

Whether you want to start out with ukulele or electric guitar, you’ll have the chance to play those instruments at our facility during your trial lesson before getting one for yourself. Guitar lessons are one of the most popular activities among kids and adults alike as playing the instrument allows them to express themselves and make friends easily. Many people dream about playing the guitar while learning the basics is a quick and easy ride. Come in, grab an instrument and strum your first song!

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Nolan playing Silent Night
Practice Blues
"Bella Ciao"- Lillian playing her favorite tune

Singing Lessons

Voice: The Finest Musical Instrument

Find your voice – express yourself!

Singing lessons are one of the most enjoyable activities for students as in addition to performing they also involve dancing and acting elements. At our academy students have a lot of performing opportunities during events like Disney Sundays, Broadway Evenings and monthly/annual recitals.

In addition, students develop their musicianship and aural skills (pitch, ear training, rhythm etc.) which helps them to “open up their ears” for music they love to perform!

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Amelie's cover "Grown Up Christmas List"
Caitlin + Vienna
Lia's performance at Jazzy Time 2022
Madelyn singing Jingle Bell Rock
Yashika's performance at Jazzy Time 2022 ("Red is the rose")
Owen Sings Twelve Days of Christmas
Vienna singing Almost There
Chantelie's performance at Jazzy Time 2022

Drum Lessons

Rum tat tat tum!

Have some extra energy?

An excellent choice for those who love motion and want to have fun making some “noise”. Drum lessons have proven to help develop young students’ motor skills, build confidence and improve academic performance. Playing the drums in a band can also help students build better social skills. Channel your energy into drumming and have a great deal of fun!

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