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What can be better than playing music at the end of busy working day?


Despite its name, our academy is a favorite spot among many adults due to its supportive and musically rich environment. Whether you are a complete beginner or advanced musician, here you will find a new inspiration and inspire others with your passion for music. We offer private one-on-one 30-60 minutes sessions. If you want to join in with a friend, semi-private lessons are provided to make learning even more exciting! You will be also introduced to weekly band sessions once you meet the level requirements.

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Choose between private or semi-private sessions and bring the joy of music to your life. Our experienced performer-teachers will create an individual lesson plan based on your needs & guide you to new musical heights.

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Band Sessions

At our academy, you can join/form a band with same-minded fellow musicians. However, you must be at a certain level to feel comfortable playing in the band environment. All adult bands of our academy participate in annual music events like recitals, parties & festivals.

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Adult band sessions
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Piano Lessons

Joyful Black and White Keys

Best instrument to start exploring music!

Starting your musical journey with piano will guarantee your quick progress as an amateur piano player as well as develop your overall musicianship, as learning fundamentals of music on the piano is easier than on any other instrument. Based on your musical taste your instructor will create an individual lesson plans with songs, exercises and lots of fun games. Playing the instrument is not physically demanding as most of the other instruments, making the learning process very enjoyable from the very first lesson. Join our piano class and find your Key to the world of music!

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Violin & Viola Lessons

Queen of the Instruments in Your Hands

The sound of elegance!

Although the violin is considered one of the hardest instruments to master, learning the instrument at our academy has proven to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for young and adult students alike. From Irish dance music to classical masterpieces playing the violin is a very unique experience especially for adult students as it helps reduce stress, increase body awareness and most importantly have sense of achievement. Once you’ve mastered the basics, joining the ensemble will be a great opportunity to meet new wonderful people in your neighborhood. Devote 30 minutes a day to this beautiful instrument and you will find a new inspiration in your life!

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Guitar / Ukulele / Bass Lessons

Lifelong Friend to Carry Everywhere

Strum your heart out!

Guitar, without a doubt, is the most popular instrument among adult students at our academy. Playing the instrument allows people to express themselves and find friends with same musical preferences. Many people dream about playing the guitar while learning the basics is actually a quick and easy ride. During your very first lessons you will decide on your learning goals with your instructor and start the journey, taking one step at a time. Did you like strumming your first songs? Keep practicing and join our band sessions where you can share the joy of music with other fellow musicians.

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Singing Lessons

Voice: The Finest Musical Instrument

Find your voice – express yourself!

Singing lessons are the most enjoyable lessons among adult students at our academy. In addition to working on proper vocal technique and musical aspects of the song, our voice teachers are implementing exercises for your overall physical well being focusing on breathing technique. For the same reason, Voice Lessons are also known to reduce everyday stress, promote positive attitude and self-expression. After a few months of classes our voice students start performing as semi-pro vocalists joining bands and participating in all the social and musical events organized by our academy. Treat yourself with the joy of singing lessons and become the superstar you always wanted to be!

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Drum Lessons

Who is beating on the office desk?

Bring your energy to us!

An excellent choice for those who love motion and want to inject their lives with some exciting rhythms. According to all our drum students, learning drums is an experience that every music lover should treat themselves with at some point in their lives. And that’s true! Rhythm is the core element in music which help to bring very simple melodies to life. Drums are the “gluing” element between instruments in the band putting the drummer at the spotlight. Let’s take the drum sticks and strike up the band!

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