Note Hoppers & Note Runners

First steps into the world of colorful sounds

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2-Level Music Program for kids 2-6

Hop and Run into Music!

The first level of the program is ‘Mommy and Me’ style class. This unique program will have you and your 2-4 year-old singing, dancing, and playing through a music course inspired by ‘Musical Child’ and ‘Prodigies’ color-coded bell curriculums. These methods are proven to welcome your little one into the wonderful world of music, and are so much fun you won’t even realize you’re learning!

The second level of music enrichment program, designed for 5-6 year-old kids, continues with similar themes as our Note Hoppers program, but kicks it up a notch with six mini color-coded instruments that will introduce your child to different ways of playing music. During 36 weeks of the program kids will be introduced to piano, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, drums and clarinet. Will your child turn into a pint-size Coltrain with the saxophone, or is it baby Beethoven with the piano? After the Note Runners program, your child will have started the journey to becoming a true musician!

Highlights of Program

✅ Dance & Motion activities

✅ Puppet storytelling time

✅ Color-coded bells playing

✅ Ensemble playing time

✅ Introducing 6 music instruments

Program Details

  • Duration: 36 weeks
  • Schedule: weekly 45-minute sessions
  • Group Size: 5-7 Students
  • Ages: 2-6
  • Tuition: $95/month

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