Shining Stars

Together we sing, read & act confidently!

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Sing & Act

Bus driver, dentist or bad choir singer? Which one is easier to act out?

Together with our professional team of educators we have created 24 original short stories involving characters from kids’ everyday life. Through those stories we will improve kids reading skills, imagination and creativity. Acting different characters will boost confidence among children and increase awareness about the importance of human relations. Singing will add another fun component to all this process. At the end of the program kids will stage a complete performance of a famous musical.

Highlights of Program

✅ Reading & Analyzing original short stories

✅ Learning more than 12 Disney Songs

✅ Acting out an excerpt from stories

Program Details

  • Duration: 36 weeks
  • Schedule: weekly 90-minute sessions
  • Group Size: 6-9 students
  • Ages: 7-9
  • Tuition: $105/month

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