36-week program to learn joyful tunes on Ukulele & Bongos

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Beginner Group Class

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Ukulele is a small, 4-string Hawaiian guitar which is an all time favorite instrument among kids due to its cheerful sound. Rising popularity of the instrument inspired our experienced team of guitar teachers to create this beautiful program. Thanks to well-organized lesson plans students learn to strum and sing more than 15 beloved tunes in a short period of time, engage in diverse musical activities such as Bongo circle, flashcard games etc. and develop songwriting skills. Instruments & accessories are included in your registration fee.

Highlights of Program

✅ Learning 15+ songs on Ukulele

✅ Bongo percussion time

✅ Songwriting activities

Program Details

  • Duration: 36 weeks
  • Schedule: weekly 60-minute sessions
  • Group Size: 6-8 students
  • Ages: 7-9
  • Tuition: $95/month

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